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March 23, 2024

Decoding Basement Issues: Waterproofing vs Sewer Backup Prevention in Older Homes

Fixing Flooded Basements: Understanding and Preventing Basement Flooding

Have you ever woken up to a flooded basement and wondered what the culprit could be? The answer isn't always straightforward. Your problem could stem from either water seepage or a sewer backup. Understanding the difference is crucial to effectively addressing ...

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March 11, 2024

Time to Move On? Signs It’s Time to Sell Your Home in Chicagoland

Is Now the Moment to Say Goodbye to Your Home? Let's Find Out Together

Ah, the sweet, comforting embrace of home! It's where the heart is, where memories nestle in every nook and cranny, and where life's milestones are celebrated with gusto. But, like the chapters of ...

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March 7, 2024

Urban Oasis: Attract Pollinators with Native Plant Containers

Embracing the Wild: The Magic of Native Plant Pocket Gardens in Urban Jungles

Hey there, green thumbs and nature lovers! It's Laurie here, your go-to guide for all things Chicagoland, bringing you a little slice of the great outdoors, right to your doorstep—or balcony, or windowsill, or wherever you ...

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Jan. 23, 2024

Prepare for Chicago’s 2024 Real Estate Market with 2023 Insights

Navigating the 2024 Chicago Real Estate Landscape: What the Latest Trends Mean for You

Hello, Chicago home enthusiasts! It's Laurie here, your friendly neighborhood Realtor, ready to unpack the National Association of Realtors' (NAR) 2023 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers. This goldmine of information sheds light on current ...

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Dec. 30, 2023

Your Dream Home Awaits: Guide to Buying & Renovating in Chicago

Revitalizing Diamonds in the Rough: The Fixer-Upper Advantage

Uncover the joy of transforming a fixer-upper into your ideal home in Chicago. Learn how this smart choice can enhance your lifestyle and build your home’s equity.

Rediscovering Hidden Gems in Real Estate

Ever looked at a worn-out house and thought, "There ...

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Dec. 27, 2023

Eco-Friendly Yard Designs for Stormwater Control in Chicago Suburbs

Harness the Rain: Eco-Friendly Gardening for a Better Tomorrow

Hello, fellow Chicagoland green thumbs and nature enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into a fascinating topic that marries the beauty of gardening with the practicality of stormwater management. Inspired by insights from garden expert Jeff Lorenz, featured on Gardenista, we're ...

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Oct. 30, 2023

Foundation Seepage: Mastering the Art of Keeping Dry

Seep No More: Shielding Your Sanctuary from Foundation Seepage

In every homeowner’s journey, there comes a time when the battle against water intrusion must be valiantly fought. Foundation seepage, the unsolicited guest, often sneaks into our humble abodes, making itself known in the most inconvenient ways. Before it settles in ...

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