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Sept. 26, 2023

Stop the Hate in Real Estate

Breaking Silence, Breaking Stereotypes: Chicago’s Real Estate Industry Takes a Stand Against Hate

"Good fences make good neighbors," Robert Frost once mused. But hey, wouldn't a good neighborhood that stands against hate and discrimination make an even better community? Welcome to the blog, where today, we're diving into ...

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Sept. 25, 2023

Is Buying a Starter Home a Good Investment?

Your First Home: A Stepping Stone, Not a Finish Line

When it comes to purchasing a home, particularly the first one, it can feel like a balancing act—a tug of war between your dream wishlist and the ever-so-tempering budget constraints. But here's the good news: buying your first home ...

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Sept. 22, 2023

Decoding Real Estate Commissions

Why You Shouldn't Go It Alone: A Friendly Guide to Real Estate Compensation

So you've been scrolling through article after article, trying to wrap your head around the nitty-gritty of real estate compensation, right? Let's break it down in a way that makes you feel like you ...

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Sept. 19, 2023

How to Spot Overpriced Homes in Chicagoland: Expert Tips

Is It Worth It? How to Decode Property Prices Like a Pro

Hello, Chicagoland homebuyers! If you've been skimming through home listings lately, you've likely come across that age-old conundrum: is this home really worth the asking price? Oh, the drama, the suspense! Fear not, I've got ...

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Sept. 13, 2023

Pros and cons of buying a 100+ year old home in Chicago or Oak Park

The Vintage Charm or Vintage Harm? Pros and Cons of Owning a 100+ Year Old Home in Chicagoland

Hey there, Windy City explorers! Laurie here, your friendly neighborhood real estate aficionado, bringing you another hot topic. Today, we're diving into a topic as layered as a deep-dish pizza—owning a ...

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Sept. 12, 2023

Unlock Informed Home Buying & Real-Time Market Reports in Chicagoland

Elevate Your Home Search with OPRFhomesforsale.com's Upgraded Features

Attention, Chicagoland house hunters and market enthusiasts! Are you tired of sifting through countless listings without a real sense of what you're looking at? It's time to level up your home search with OPRFhomesforsale.com's newly upgraded ...

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Sept. 5, 2023

How to Choose the Right Chicago Neighborhood (or Suburb)

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Perfect Home Base in Chicagoland

Hello, Chicagoland wanderers, dreamers, and future homeowners! 🏡 You know, deciding to buy a home is like finding that perfect slice of deep-dish pizza—you want the crust (foundation) to be sturdy, the cheese (community) to be rich, and the ...

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Aug. 29, 2023

Your Path to Inclusive Living: LGBTQ+ Family Relocation Guide to Chicagoland

The Ultimate Guide for LGBTQ+ Families Relocating to Chicagoland

Relocating to a Welcoming City for LGBTQ+ Families

Making the decision to leave a less accepting state and embark on a journey to a more inclusive community is a courageous step. If you're part of an LGBTQ+ family seeking that ...

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Aug. 26, 2023

Prepare for Homeownership: Budgeting, Down Payments, and First-Time Buyer Programs

How to *Actually* Save for a House: A Practical Guide

Hey there, future homeowners! It's Laurie. Let's get down to business on how you can *actually* save for a house. No frills, no fluff—just the straight talk you need to make your dream home a reality.

Take Control ...

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Aug. 25, 2023

Moving to Oak Park, IL: Embrace Charm and Community in the Suburbs of Chicago

Embark on a journey of moving to Oak Park, IL. Experience a blend of historic charm, friendly neighborhoods, and expert Realtor guidance for a smooth transition.

Meet Macy and David, a lovely couple from Texas who had been dreaming of buying a home in the charming town of Oak Park ...

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