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Hello, Chicagoland! It's Laurie here, bringing you some insider insights on the evolving world of home showings. Gone are the days when the first in-person visit was the make-or-break moment. Let’s unravel this trend with a little help from the 2023 NAR Home Buyers report:

  • 47% of buyers started their hunt online.
  • 51% actually discovered their future home through a website.
  • Nearly half stepped into a house they had seen online.
  • 35% drove by (at least virtually!) to check out the exteriors of their online picks.

This digital shift means your home’s first showing is likely happening right now, online. Here's how I ensure your property makes the best virtual impression:

  1. Strategic Staging: Using your furnishings, I create a setting that resonates with buyers, making them feel right at home from their screens.
  2. 3D Virtual Tours: This isn't just a fancy feature; it's an immersive experience that allows potential buyers to tour your home, room by room, without leaving their house.
  3. Clear Floor Plans: Understanding the layout is crucial. Detailed floor plans help buyers envision living in your space.
  4. Professional Photography: High-quality photos are non-negotiable. They showcase your home’s best features and capture its true essence.
  5. Drone Shots for Exterior Appeal: Aerial views provide a unique perspective of your property and its surroundings, highlighting aspects that ground-level photos can't.
  6. Social Media-Ready Videos: In an era where video content reigns, this approach ensures your property gets the attention it deserves.

Remember, 51% of buyers found their homes online. This statistic underlines the importance of a strong digital presence in today's real estate market.

Your home deserves to be showcased in the best light, both online and off. If you're ready to make a splash in the digital world and attract the right buyers, I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s connect and start this journey together!

Warm regards,
Laurie 🏡💻

The Laurie Christofano Edge: Making Homes Unforgettable

Hey there, future satisfied homeowner! Buckle up, because you're not just getting a real estate agent—you're getting a marketing powerhouse. Here's how I catapult your property from 'For Sale' to 'Just Sold.'

The MLS Exposure You Deserve

Ever heard of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)? Well, I use that to your advantage. I enlist your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), giving about 40,000 Chicagoland Real Estate Pros—and their clientele—the chance to drool over your listing.

Picture-Perfect Marketing

No blurry, dimly lit snapshots here. A professional photographer clicks anywhere from 50-75 glorious photos of your property. Only the creme de la creme make it to your listing. As for the rest? They get their own spotlight in my other marketing efforts, like social media blasts.

Brochures That Are Basically Coffee Table Books

I create classy, eye-popping brochures featuring professional photos and a comprehensive list of your property's bells and whistles. It's not just paper—it's a first impression.

Signage that Stops Traffic

Literally. If local ordinances give the green light, my slick 'For Sale' signs make sure nobody just passes by without taking a second look.

Broker Open Houses: The Invite-Only VIP Experience

I don't just invite local Realtors®; I entice them. From gift card raffles to strategic follow-ups, I make sure your property is top of mind for agents scouting on behalf of buyers.

Social Media: Your Home Goes Viral (In A Good Way)

Starting with a "Coming Soon" teaser campaign, I tickle the curiosity of potential buyers. By the time your property hits the market, it’s already got a fan following.

Blog Love

Your home gets its very own blogosphere debut. I write engaging articles to showcase your property’s awesomeness, posting them on local hubs to amplify visibility.

Open Houses That Are Actually Events

Not just a walk-through, but an experience. I generate buzz across multiple platforms, making sure every open house is a smashing success.

Keeping You in the Loop

I won't ghost you. Expect regular updates on my marketing initiatives, showing feedback, and market trends. My aim? To make your property so irresistible, buyers will be competing to sign on the dotted line.

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed

At the end of the day, if you're not happy, neither am I. That's why I offer a risk-free cancellation policy. No strings attached.

Ready to make your home the next big thing on the Chicagoland real estate scene? Let's chat!

What is the home selling process?

Depending on who you speak with, the home selling process can look quite different. I have a tried and true strategy for getting your home sold in the shortest time, for the best price and terms we can negotiate. Download your free home sellers' guide below!


Here's a glimpse into the marketing magic that awaits your listing:

Listing Prep: I've got an eye for detail and a knack for creating the perfect ambiance. From advising on decluttering and pre-packing to staging furniture just right, I'll transform your home into a buyer's dream. And don't be surprised if I bring in some faux greenery, eye-catching artwork, or even a stylish shower curtain or duvet to give it that extra "wow" factor.

Modest Upgrades: Only if you're up for it... I'll guide you in choosing and executing affordable upgrades that will make your home irresistible to today's buyers. Whether it's updating lighting fixtures or adding some trendy finishes, these little touches can work wonders. Trust me, they'll shorten your listing period and increase excitement and the final price.

Photographic Brilliance: Professional photos are a must, and I've got you covered. I'll showcase your home in all its glory, including stunning aerial shots captured by a drone. Buyers will get a clear view of your property's relationship to downtown, nearby train stations, and any local attractions or amenities.

Step into Virtual Reality: Prepare to be amazed by my Matterport 3D tours. These immersive experiences allow potential buyers to explore your home from the comfort of their own screens, making them feel like they're walking through your property in person.

Floor Plans: No need to leave anything to the imagination. I'll provide detailed floor plans, ensuring buyers can visualize the layout and flow of your home effortlessly -- not to mention space plan their furniture layout ideas!

Words That Sell: Crafting a captivating write-up is my specialty. I'll create a compelling description of your home that goes beyond the standard features. Let's sell the sizzle, not just the steak, and give buyers a taste of what their life could be like in their future abode.

Digital Marketing Prowess: I've mastered the art of multi-channel paid digital marketing. Wherever potential buyers are browsing online, I'll make sure your listing grabs their attention, enticing them to click through for more information. Together, we'll "stop the scroll" and make your home the star of the show.

Reaching the Right Agents: I don't wait for the buyers to come to us; I actively reach out to agents who have shown interest in properties like yours, including my fellow agents in the Top Agent Network. It's my chance to get them excited about selling your home to their

clients. Let's create a buzz that's impossible to resist!

Market Savvy: I stay on top of the game by reviewing competition and market conditions weekly. This way, we can be proactive and stay ahead of the market trends, rather than playing catch-up.

The Art of Negotiation: Incoming offers will be handled with the utmost professionalism. I'll include you in the negotiation process, ensuring that we consider not only the price but also the other terms that matter to you. We're in this together, and your satisfaction is my top priority.

In today's amazing world, distance doesn't have to stop us from working together. So, whether you're in the heart of Chicago or nestled way out in the suburbs, I'm here to help you sell your home with ease. Don't worry if my office isn't in your town. With my honed skills and 16 years of experience, I'll use all the cool tools available to ensure a smooth and successful journey for you. Let's connect today and get ready for an incredible real estate adventure together!

(* my license is valid for the state of Illinois -- but I have an extensive network of trusted agents across the country and worldwide for those of you looking outside of Chicagoland too, so please reach out for my recommendations!)

Is it a good time to sell my home?

Make sure to save this page to see how buyer activity is down the road to gauge whether it's an ideal time for you to sell! Or even better -- create your custom market report and get a monthly+ update on listings and sales in your town or zip code. Or take the easy route and plug your address in below for your instant (automated) trending home value below. Or -- I left the best option for last -- contact me for your custom Comparative Market Analysis ( CMA ) to get a thorough, well researched report on the likely selling price of your home

Have you been thinking about downsizing?

Have thoughts of downsizing been swirling in your mind? You're not alone. Many are choosing to trade expansive spaces for more efficient, intimate homes that align with their current lifestyle. The question is, are you truly ready to make the switch? We've created the ultimate guide to help you ponder this pivotal decision. Dive into our "Am I Ready To Downsize?" Guide and navigate the nuances of this transformative move. It's more than just a change in square footage; it's about tailoring your surroundings to your evolving journey. Download the free PDF now and let's embark on this exciting transition together!


Why do home sellers hire Laurie Christofano to sell their home?


If you've landed here because you're considering selling your home in Chicago or the suburbs, you're in the right place. I understand that you may have some questions or concerns about hiring an agent like me, especially if my office isn't right in your town...

Whether your home is in Oak Park, Chicago, or the surrounding areas, I can assist you in selling and buying your dream home. I'm Laurie Christofano, a highly experienced real estate agent with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals, with 16 years of know-how, proudly affiliated with RE/MAX In The Village. And guess what? I can help you sell your home, no matter where it's located*. Let's dive in and discover why working with a savvy and top performing agent like me can be a fantastic choice for you.

In this digital age, where online marketing reigns supreme, physical location matters less than ever before. With the power of technology and my extensive knowledge of the local market, I have successfully helped countless homeowners in Chicago and the surrounding areas sell their properties with exceptional results.

I want to assure you that even if my office is not located in your immediate areaI have all the skills, resources, and strategies to make your home stand out in this competitive market.

Explore my recently sold listings to get a feel for how I markets my homes for sale to get the most exposure and the best results for my clients.

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