There’s still time to find 🏡 before the holidays… 

Case Study

A couple weeks ago Sunday, some new buyers contacted me about wanting to buy a home ASAP so they could get moved out of their rental apartment and into their own home. 

A few days of exploring neighborhoods + showings • one 2nd showing at their favorite (the first time around, one of them had only seen it via FaceTime!) • review comps (recent sales), make strategic offer, negotiate • signed contract on the eve of the 5th day of our relationship • closing + possession just in time to decorate for Halloween 🎃👻 

How we did it:

  • Buyers were on the ball with submitting lender-required documents for fast pre-approval, which also gave them confidence in their budget / price range 

  • They had been looking online for a while (who doesn’t these days 👀, right?) so they were familiar with preferred neighborhoods and areas, and knew what to expect from homes in their price range 

  • They completed my detailed Buyer Intake Survey so I could set up customized listing alerts for them quickly 

  • Luckily their employers gave them some flexibility (just for a few days, mind!) so we could run out to see homes as soon as they hit the market (or drastically reduced their price, as the case was in this instance) 

  • The Chicagoland market has tipped a bit in favor of buyers, which is long awaited news for many of you, I’m sure. It remains to be seen whether this is our typical seasonal slow down (I suspect that it is), or whether more sideline sellers are hearing how much prices are up and list for the “shoot for the moon” prices that some were able to get earlier this year and last… As inventory levels and interest rates creep up, I believe that we should be headed back toward a healthier, more balanced market. 

Have you been thinking about making a move before the snow hits for the winter, too? Visit my website to get started (, or call / text me at 630-248-1976. It’d be my pleasure to help. 

- Laurie