The wonder of nature comes to life on Oak Park property at Austin Gardens. Often referred to as the “secret gardens” the landscape is filled with peaceful serenity. Located at 167 Forest Avenue hundreds of trees provide a tranquil spot for relaxation and contemplation. Splashes of color catch the eye as wildflowers bloom and thrive. Walking trails are great to meander along when needing moments of quiet repose. South of Lake Street this small space of just under four acres truly seems like a special hideaway.

Classic Theater Comes to Life on Oak Park Real Estate

Open spaces are made for frolicking and play. Green grasses are filled with picnic lunches and games of frisbee, tag and flag football. During the summer months the stage is set for performances from the Oak Park Festival Theatre. Declared as the “oldest classical theatre in Illinois” quality Shakespeare productions highlight master material. Held on the grounds of Austin Gardens the community is treated to amazing performance art masterpieces. Year round performances are also held by the company. When winter comes, an outdoor ice rink is ready for recreators. Skaters swirl and twirl turning frosty weather into fun filled times. This family tradition finds many laughing and bantering on the ice.

In the Austin Gardens Environmental Education Center a love for nature is nurtured. Area youth flock to the Oak Park property for a variety of classes, workshops and camps. Adult educational programs are also available onsite. A state of the art building contains sustainable features proudly designed to support of the environment. Energy efficient settings regulate heating and cooling. Other accents include stormwater harvesting and a “green roof”. Additional features can be learned about here.

From sunrise to 10 p.m. get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life at Austin Gardens. Breathe deep and inhale the beauty of the majestic landscape on Oak Park real estate. Go for a walk, take in some theater or attend an ongoing workshop.