Dear friends,

We are continuing to experience a strong sellers' market in many areas right now, with lower inventory than usual coupled with higher than normal buyer demand - fueled by crazy low interest rates and the pandemic exposing for many the ways in which their current homes were no longer functioning for them. It's a fantastic time to sell your house, so if you've been sitting on the sidelines, now is your chance to make your move a reality!

And buyers -- there's a glimmer of hope for you too -- I've successfully helped several clients close on great properties this year, many involving the dreaded bidding war. Don't miss out on your dream house because you're afraid to go after what you want. It's prime time to find your forever house and lock in that low interest rate for life!

Since heading into lockdown in March, I've personally closed on 17 homes with buyers & sellers, with an additional 10 under contract. I'm dedicated to my goal of helping at least 40 clients this year. Want service like this? Contact me!