Home seller FAQ: is it still a good time to sell my home?

Click here or the image above to see my quick update on whether it’s still a good time to sell your home in Chicago — the quick answer⁉️ It depends 😉 It’s still a sellers’ market, so if you’ve been thinking about making a move, let’s make it happen on your timeline, regardless of what the market is doing! Reach out anytime.

Laurie Christofano, Realtor in Chicago, Oak Park & Suburbs
RE/MAX In The Village

{Video transcript} Hey neighbors, it's Laurie with RE/MAX in the Village, just checking in with you the night before Thanksgiving. I know a lot of you are wondering, “Is it a good time to sell my home?” Well, rest assured, even though the mortgage rates are up from where they were earlier in the year, we are still seeing a good amount of demand for buyers looking to move into our area. So prices haven't really fallen and market times are still low. Open houses are well attended. Yes, this is technically the slower kind of holiday season, but nonetheless, homes are still moving. So if you need to move or if the time is right, if you've outgrown your home or if you're an empty nester and you want to downsize or trade in something for a balcony and room, you know, time to travel, you know, let's make it happen. Get in touch. I’m grateful for you. Happy Thanksgiving!


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