Black walls… What in the world!?

Black walls as an accent - 2023 home trend spotting

When it comes to interior design, black is a color that many people shy away from — particularly when it comes to wall paint.

But what if we told you that black can actually make a space feel larger and more inviting?

In fact, dark colors such as black are known to create an optical illusion that makes the walls appear farther apart than they actually are, making the room seem much larger than it actually is.

This can be especially useful in small spaces where you want to make them feel more spacious.

The key is contrast. If your home has a lot of windows or other natural light sources, then having black walls as an accent will help open up the space even more by providing contrast against white furniture or other lighter colors in the room.

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Laurie Christofano, Realtor in Chicago & suburbs

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