Setting Record Sales in Berwyn: How We Leapt Towards One Seller’s Dream Home

The moment I stepped into Latechia’s home, I knew this was going to be a journey unlike any other. She wasn't just selling her rowhouse in Berwyn; she was funding and planning a dream—her dream home out-of-state. But what neither of us anticipated was setting a record-breaking sales price in Berwyn's housing market.

The Challenge Ahead

Selling any home is like solving a unique puzzle. Each home, each seller, and each buyer brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. Latechia needed someone who could guide her through the labyrinth of the real estate market, and she trusted me to be that person.

A Home Unlike Any Other

As soon as I stepped into Latechia’s rowhouse, I knew it had special qualities. Built in 2005, this home defied Berwyn’s norms. Modern amenities, spacious living areas, and a unique flair—it had it all. I decided then and there that we weren't just aiming for a sale; we were gunning for a record.

Making Moves

The open house was the game-changer. I made sure to invite top-selling agents from Chicago and the suburbs to add a layer of competitive atmosphere. The house showcased itself, but I wanted to make sure it shone in the best possible light.

The Record Breaker

When that record-breaking offer landed on the table, Latechia and I couldn't believe our eyes. We did it. We didn't just sell her house; we made history in Berwyn. And for Latechia, this wasn't just about money; it was about life, dreams, and her future new home out-of-state.

A Dream Set in Motion

The sale meant Latechia could set her plans into full swing. She’s now on her way to a dream home that’s being built specifically for her, far away but closer to where her heart wants to be.

From Latechia Herself

In Latechia's own words: "I am currently using Laurie to sell my home in Berwyn and she has been nothing short of EXCELLENT!!! She responds in a timely manner - she is pleasant and kind - she makes herself available to you - she is supportive to your needs as a seller - she is intelligent about the business and knows her stuff!!!! interviewed several realtors before selecting Laurie and she has been absolutely AMAZING!!!!"

As Latechia starts this new chapter, I'm reminded why I love what I do. Real estate isn't just about transactions; it’s about human stories, life changes, and, every once in a while, making history.

Thinking of Making a Move?

If you're thinking about selling your home and want to work with someone who not only understands the market but also understands the emotional and life-changing aspects of moving, reach out to me. Let's make your own dream a reality.